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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Welcome to MG3Media's Business Insights Blog!

Your Common Sense Guide to Successful Business Building
My name is Marie Gunter, founder and principal consultant at, a marketing and business development organization helping individuals to small businesses manifest their visions in the high-tech, arts & entertainment and sustainable industries. Though I'm new to the business of blogging, the realm of business building and in particular marketing, public relations, business development and sales are no stranger to me.  Beyond the theories of how we are told these functions "should" work, I will be sharing my first-hand experiences working as an employee, contractor, consultant, board member and founder over the past 15 years in Silicon Valley, CA.

This blog will provide you with special weekly editions of real-world observations, insights and specific action plans toward building a business, drawn from some amazing experiences of success, to a few enormously humbling defeats. You'll find short interviews, case study briefs and even a fun business facts game to keep you sharp.

You have your vision, an idea for a product or service that "hopefully" will add value in an ever demanding world marketplace . . . a place where real people demand quality, accountability and a sense of purpose.  I hope you'll visit MG3Media Business Insights often, and engage constructively in our community.

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